10 Best Dallas Museums

Within Dallas are numerous fantastic museums to explore. Tourists can find a museum to indulge nearly any interest.

People who are interested in history, science, or art will find much to excite their intellect. Dallas has several well-kept museums that rank among the best in the nation.

Museums attract people of all ages and groups of various sizes. A trip to a museum is an enjoyable way for a family or friends to spend time together. Kids often love a trip to the museum, because they can see, touch, and learn about complex things.

Individual travelers like museums as well because they can learn and see a lot at their own pace. Dallas houses dozens of museums, making the decision on which to visit a difficult choice. To simplify the process, ten of the best museums in Dallas are highlighted below.

1. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The View

The Sixth Floor Museum chronicles the life of an inspiring president and his ghastly assassination. In 1963 John F. Kennedy was shot while riding in a parade through the streets of downtown Dallas. The event changed the nation. Since then, many people have wanted to know more about the man and the tragedy.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza celebrates the life of one of the most loved American president, recounts his untimely death, and demonstrates the impact he had on the world. Many tourists are avid about visiting the Sixth Floor Museum, because it centers on an infamous national tragedy that many can personally remember.

2. Museum of Nature and Science

The Museum of Nature and Science is a reminder to all visitors of the wonders and beauty of the world. As a haven for exploration and discovery, the museum offers visitors the opportunity to learn about and interact with nature and science. Animal specimens, fossils, DNA models, robots, and much more are on display. In addition, tourists can visit the Children’s Museum, IMAX theatre, and planetarium.

The museum is interesting for people of all ages. As one of the best museums in Dallas and one of the best museums on nature and science in the country, tourists should definitely visit the Museum of Nature and Science while in the city!

3. Dallas Museum of Art

Arts District in Dallas, TX

One of the best fine art museums in the United States is the Dallas Museum of Art. Within the bounds of downtown in the Arts District, tourists can find the modern structure that houses several famous works. Pieces by world renowned painters and sculptors, like Georgia O’Keeffe and Edgar Degas, are on permanent display.

Also famous special exhibits, like the King Tut exhibit, rotate to the museum. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are enticed to the museum year by its quality exhibits. The museum can hone any tourist’s sense of art appreciation, and is well worth a visit while in Dallas.

4. Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center, located in the Arts District in downtown Dallas, features modern and classical works in an outdoor sculpture garden. Tourists can ponder the art pieces and detect the messages and emotions the artists aimed to portray. The exhibits are 20th century pieces that range in style from abstract works by artists like Joan Miro, to realistic works by artists like Auguste Rodin. The collection is a poignant presentation of the art form of sculpture. Tourist can enjoy the fresh, outdoor atmosphere and be surrounded by evocative artistic forms.

5. African American Museum

African American Museum - Fair Park Dallas

The African American Museum is wonderful place for tourists to celebrate African American culture. Visitors can study African art and follow African American folk culture, art, and history from the 1800s to today. Conveniently located in Fair Park, the museum is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in vibrant cultures.

The museum is easily laid out for visitors who do not usually go to museums. The exhibits are arranged to be attractive, interesting, and entertaining to people. Paintings, jewelry, photographs, and films demonstrate the culture. As the only museum of its kind in the southwest region, the museum offers a rare and deep exploration of African American culture.

6. Holocaust Museum

A trip to the Dallas Holocaust Museum is a solemn but strengthening experience. Dedicated to improving humanity, the museum fulfills its mission by teaching against prejudice, hate, and indifference. Visitors to the museum can learn about one of the most important events in the modern era, the extermination of the Jews and other groups viewed negatively in Hitler’s Germany.

Although the museum is not a joyous place, it teaches a lesson well worth remembering. Many tourists are happy to experience the Holocaust Museum, because in doing so they promote humanity and carry on the fight against prejudice. The museum strives to teach that by learning about the mistakes of the past, people can make the future better.

7. Old Red Museum

Old Red Museum-001

Based upon its international reputations, Dallas is a very popular tourist spot in the United States. The city’s history is long, varied, and quite interesting. Often tourists love to soak in the local culture, traditions, and history.

One of the best places to do so is at the Old Red Museum. Old Red commemorates the history of Dallas County and the people that populated it. Visitors can view several permanent and special exhibits that walk them through the founding of Dallas to the present day, and highlight specific facets of the culture or history.

The noteworthy Romanesque-styled building was originally the Dallas County Courthouse, thus the building itself played a part in the history of the mighty city. Tourists from all over the globe are delighted to visit Old Red and learn about Dallas!

8. Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park

In Old City Park tourists can visit the traditional Dallas Heritage Village. The museum preserves historic buildings, furnishings, and tools for the benefit of future generations. Dubbed as a “living breath of Texas history,” tourists can experience what life was like in Dallas during the 1800s. With dozens of structures standing, the museum is a model of a village.

Visitors can stroll down the streets and will feel as if they were transported back in time to more than a century ago. The museum is a culturally-enriching attraction for any tourist interested in the lore of Texas and Wild West.

9. Frontiers of Flight Museum


Tourists looking to take a “flight thru time” should head to the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The museum describes the dawn of the aviation age, detailing the invention of the first airplanes. As tourists move on, they will see how the technology and capabilities have developed from the early days all the way up to the present. People can study over 200 airplane models and hundreds of engines, uniforms, decorations, and parts. Historical events and local history are integrated into the museum.

Tourists can learn about the impact of airplanes during international wars and the significance of Dallas-Fort Worth in the aviation field. The Museum is located at the Dallas Love Field Airport, giving visitors the opportunities to watch planes take flight and return to the ground. Adults and children are swept away by the rich atmosphere of the Frontiers of Flight Museum!

10. Museum of the American Railroad

An important tool during America’s westward expansion was the railroad. Through the use of the railroad and the locomotive train, settlers were able to develop communities and the resources in the western part of the country.

The Museum of the American Railroad tells the story of the powerful railroad. The steam locomotives are prominent exhibits at the museum. Tourists can explore over 30 pieces of railroad equipment, including different types of locomotives, cabooses, and small artifacts. While in Dallas, many tourists enjoy visiting the museum and learning about the first form of transportation that made the west accessible.