Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas is a wonderful and exciting city and one of the most popular things in Dallas is Dallas Fort Worth Airport. This airport is an international airport that is also considered to be a hub.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is the third busiest airport in the world. This airport is also the largest airport in the state of Texas. There is only one airport that is larger, located in Denver. Dallas Fort Worth Airport covers approximately 18,000 acres of land.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth Airport is not just for international flights. It also services domestic customers as well. This airport houses five terminals at this time but could potentially accommodate up to thirteen terminals.

Terminal A of Dallas Fort Worth Airport is dedicated to American Airlines and American Eagle. This terminal also houses 31 gates.

Terminal B of Dallas Fort Worth Airport is used for all international flights that are not operated by American Airlines. There are 35 gates on this terminal.

Terminal C is also operated by American Airlines and houses 31 gates. This terminal is dedicated to domestic flights only.

Terminal D of Dallas Fort Worth Airport is unique because it has the Hyatt DFW that is connected directly to the terminal. This is a great asset for international and domestic customers that may be experiencing long layovers. This is also a convenience in times of in-climate weather when flights may be delayed or even canceled. Terminal D has 29 gates.

Finally Terminal E, housing 26 gates, was occupied predominately by Delta Airlines until they made some changes in 2005. This terminal also hosts gates for Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport has several unique features that will make it stand apart to visitors from all over the world. One of these features is the Skylink system. Skylink was opened in 2005 and is a train system that connects all five terminals. The Skylink train runs every two minutes and is a totally automated system that travels as fast as 35-37 miles per hour. It is definitely faster than walking.

Another noteworthy attraction of Dallas Fort Worth Airport is the beautiful and scenic Founders Plaza. The plaza is six acres and has a granite sculpture and monument.

There is plenty to do at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. If you like shopping this is the perfect place for you to be. There are over 100 specialty and duty free shops here. No matter what you are looking for you can find it at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. There are candy shops, women’s apparel shops, men’s clothing stores, book stores, gourmet food stores and even candy shops.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport has a wide variety of eateries. No matter what you have a taste for can be found here. One of the most unique places is the cereal bar, appropriately called Cereality. There are also other popular American fare such as Bennigan’s, Champps Bar and Grill and Fuddruckers Bar and Grill. There are also other types of food such as Asian, BBQ, Delis and fast food eateries. There are plenty of cocktail bars and coffee shops if you’re thirsty. No matter what your palate calls for, you can satisfy your cravings at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport offers all of the conveniences of being at home and then some. You can easily take care of your business through the free internet services. You can also take care of your banking and financial needs with the ATMs and Western Union outlet. You can do everything from getting a haircut, shoe shine, manicure, pedicure and even a massage.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport is almost like a home away from home. Have a great time during layovers or even spend that last hour before going home having a great time with your friends and loved ones.