Reunion Tower Restaurant In Dallas

Standing out across the Dallas skyline is the landmark Reunion Tower, home to the acclaimed Five Sixty Restaurant. The tower itself is a marvel of architecture, standing 560 feet high, even higher than the Washington Monument.

Dallas TX - Hyatt Regency Reunion Tower

The outside is as stunning as the inside with a dome atop the building, set off by over 200 lights. Many come to marvel at the building itself, with the four concrete cylinders supporting the massive dome.

The Five Sixty restaurant is a highlight of the Reunion Tower, perfect for a romantic evening, business dinners or any special occasion. To get to the restaurant, diners ride a glass elevator until it stops, 560 feet above the ground, at the bar of the restaurant. First time visitors are wowed by the floor to ceiling windows which offers in incomparable view of the Dallas skyline.

Those wanting to impress fellow diners can note that Reunion Tower is named for La Reunion, a special community of artists. They immigrated to America from France and Belgium.

Reunion Tower, Dallas

Diners will want to get a validation stamp before getting on the elevator, allowing them to enter and exit the restaurant as needed. Before arriving at the tower, it is helpful to plan ahead for parking.

On-street parking is available but  any prefer the convenience of valet parking, which does come with a fee but is very convenient. It can be extremely difficult to find street parking.

The Reunion Tower Restaurant features a revolving dining room, random light shows and superb Asian-influenced food to the mix. It’s no wonder the restaurant is so popular. Because the dining area is continually moving, all diners get a complete 360 degree look at the Dallas skyline.

Prices range between $30 and $50 (with an 18% gratuity automatically added for groups of six or more). However, pricing does vary considerably, depending on the appetizers and main courses chosen.

No matter the season, there are discounts offered on select days. It is best to call ahead to find out the dates and make reservations early since the special discounts are quite popular.

Visitors are drawn to the Asian-influenced menu, created by the famous chef Wolfgang Puck. The Spicy Tuna Tartare is loved by those who like unique cuisine while the American Style Kobe Beef Shortribs thrill diners who prefer to stick with beef dishes. Shrimp poppers and veggie rolls also get plenty of buzz from fans of fine cuisine.

Five Sixty

There is no shortage of fine wines, with more than 400 labels on the wine list. Many types of sake are also offered, giving a nod to the Asian vibe in the menu selections. Wine is available by the bottle and some varieties can be ordered by the glass.

The Reunion Tower Restaurant has gotten awards for being among the most romantic restaurants in Dallas. Children are also welcome and should be mesmerized by the constantly shifting view in the dining room. The atmosphere, however, is not particularly suited to families and generally attracts couples, business associates and those looking for exotic foods, best described as eclectic.

Because the Reunion Tower Restaurant is located in the central business district of Dallas, it is near Dallas City Hall and the arts areas of the city. Many prefer to spend time sight seeing in Dallas before rounding out the day by dining at the restaurant. Not only can they see the parts of Dallas they’ve just explored but even as far as Fort Worth and Las Colinas.

Reservations are strongly recommended, especially if a specific time and day are desired. When it comes to same day reservations, there may be no tables available until late in the evening. Five Sixty is located at 300 Reunion Boulevard East. Call ahead to finalize dining details at (214) 571-5744.