Six Flags Discount Tickets


Six Flags amusement park is among the most popular attractions in Texas and includes over 50 thrilling rides as well as other activities.

Six Flags draws visitors from across the country. Of course, it is even more appealing when you can buy Six Flags discount tickets. Luckily, there are plenty of options, online and off, which allow you to do just that.

You’ll want to visit the Six Flags official site or call (817) 640-8900 to get the latest information. Six Flags discount ticket offers can change almost daily so call the amusement park and talk to a staff member. That is your best chance for finding a hot deal through the park itself.

Recently, they have been offering some meal and ticket combos at Six Flags. While they won’t save you a huge amount, each combo offers a discount averaging between $3.50 and $8.50 per person. One option includes a meal and ticket combo which provides a daily Six Flags discount ticket offer plus a meal voucher for drink, main dish and fries. At around $43.00, it saves $3.48 per person.

There are also steep discount ticket prices available if you buy four or more tickets online, particularly when Six Flags is having a special promotion. While general admission is normally $51.99, be sure to check for days when everyone pays kids’ prices ($32.99)

Even better? Online promotions where tickets are only $29.99 each – but do have to be purchased in groups of four. They don’t have to be used the same day, either, but usually include a range of time before expiration. At a savings of nearly $20 per ticket, that is indeed a sweet deal!

But you may be able to do better elsewhere. Consider these options:

If you are an AAA member, you’ll want to check about discount ticket prices for Six Flags. It is impossible to know exactly how much ticket prices will be reduced because each AAA location offers slightly different promotions. However, you may be able to save as much as 50 percent off the regular admission price.

If you can gather at least 10 or more people together, perhaps while taking a group vacation, be sure to ask about special passes. These generally aren’t offered to families but are perfect for companies and associations who want to have some fun in between those business meetings. Religious organizations and youth groups are also eligible. Tickets average $26.99, a substantial discount.

If you happen to own a Discover Card, be sure to check for discounted rates for Six Flags. Typical offers include four tickets for only $99 (about $25 per ticket). This is an excellent price and available exclusively for Discover Card members.

However, if you have other credit cards you might want to check to see if there are equal discounts for Six Flags. Discover isn’t the only credit card with this option. Platinum Mastercard members have received free admission to Six Flags after making only one purchase on their cards.

If you are a member of the military, check with your local base about discounts. You can’t call Six Flags about this but do have to call or visit your base to get the reduced price tickets.

Before arriving in Texas, find out if any friends or family members who live there have a season pass for Six Flags. You don’t necessarily have to buy one to enjoy the benefits of Six Flags discount ticket prices. You may even get in free since some season pass Value Books include “bring a friend free” extra coupons. You definitely can’t beat that for savings!

Finally, when booking reservations at hotels, be sure to ask whether discount tickets are offered for Six Flags. This perk is available at many hotels in the Dallas area.

The Wingate offers a regular special for hotel guests, including a free shuttle to Six Flags as well as two adult tickets with free admission. This allows hotel guests to avoid paying for parking fees while allowing them to also enjoy free admission to Six Flags.